Our company carries out emergency drill

“Accidents are worse than tigers.”. When the accident happens, the accident unit and the on-site emergency response personnel should be trained quickly and quickly to subdue the “tiger”, so as to truly “be fearless in the face of danger and command without disorder”, so as to reduce the casualties and property losses caused by the accident. On the morning of June 19, 2020, Tongling Rely Technology Co., Ltd. organized the emergency rescue drill for acid leakage and heatstroke accidents according to the activity arrangement of “safe production month”. In the part of on-site drilling, “early warning, command, communication, accident monitoring, alert and evacuation” were simulated. In order to ensure the successful completion of the emergency drill, before the drill, the relevant units prepared the drill plan, and mobilized and trained the participants. After the drill, the person in charge of the drill evaluation made a summary and on-site comments.

1、 Acid leakage emergency drill

Our company carries out emergency drill

2、 Heatstroke emergency drill

Our company carries out emergency drill

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