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The most beautiful love — Li Xiuhua, the most beautiful volunteer

In the activities of helping the poor in the Spring Festival, she is the intimate elder sister of the poor; in the warm sunset activities, she is a good daughter of the lonely old people; in the activity of lighting the little orange lantern, she is the loving mother of the left behind children; on the stage of the love charity performance, she is a beautiful fairy dancing

In July 2017, Li Xiuhua, an employee of the storage and Transportation Department of our company, was awarded the title of “three-star volunteer” by Tongling Civil Affairs Bureau and Civilization Office; in March 2018, she was rated as “the most beautiful volunteer” in the 2017 outstanding model selection of Tongling City learning from Lei Feng volunteer service. Li Xiuhua has been engaged in love volunteer service for three years, with 107 times of volunteer service and 1203 hours of volunteer service time.

The most beautiful love -- Li Xiuhua, the most beautiful volunteer

Speaking of her original intention to join the volunteer service, Li Xiuhua said that it was her son Jianjian who volunteered to participate in the rural primary school during his freshman year at Beijing Language and Culture University. Seeing her son’s positive, enthusiastic and dedicated behavior, Li Xiuhua also decided to do something to help those in need and in need. At the end of 2014, she took the initiative to contact Tongling City and my peers’ love association through the Internet, and signed up to participate in the service activities of Jinghu elderly apartment. Since then, she has made an indissoluble bond with love and public welfare.

Since joining the love Association, Li Xiuhua has insisted on being strict with herself. Every time she signs up for an activity, she will arrive in advance and leave at the end. During the activities, she always brings a sweet smile, and she is not idle, dirty or tired. If you look through her circle of friends, you can always see photos of her and other volunteers taking part in volunteer activities in love red vest. There is a picture of her squatting in front of a green box scrubbing. Seeing me puzzled, she introduced to me that the association has set up 195 old clothes recycling boxes in the city, and the recycled old clothes are sent to needy families after disinfection treatment. However, after long-term exposure to the sun and rain, the surface of the recycling box is covered with dust, and there are small advertisements arbitrarily posted. In order to make the public have a good mood when putting clothes, and also to help create a civilized city, volunteers work in pairs to clean the recycling boxes regularly. Li Xiuhua has a clever way to deal with these stubborn stains: “when wiping small advertisements, first use water bubble for a while, then wrap the cleaning ball with cloth, and the effect is good. If there is a phone number written in black ink, you can use balm to wipe it off! ” She was happy to show me her photos of the fruits of her labor, one by one after scrubbing the old clothes recycling bins look brand new.

The most beautiful love -- Li Xiuhua, the most beautiful volunteer

Li Xiuhua was recognized by the leaders of the association. In early 2015, the association arranged her to be the leader of the ninth activity group. She is modest and eager to learn. She actively asks the old members and leaders of the Association for advice. The group she leads is full of vitality and the activities are carried out vividly. In 2016, Ms. Wang Hongzhen, the leader of the chunnuan poverty relief group, was seriously ill and hospitalized. She recommended Li Xiuhua to the association as the group leader. Li Xiuhua understood the arduous and tedious work of spring warming, and knew that this was not an honor of Jin cancan, but a heavy responsibility. She was worried that she was not competent enough, so she declined the task. However, with the encouragement of the president and members of the association, she resolutely accepted the challenge and led her comrades in arms to successfully complete the third and fourth spring festival warm-up plans. On the eve of the Spring Festival, she sent warm-hearted Spring Festival funds to more than 300 poor families.

The most beautiful love -- Li Xiuhua, the most beautiful volunteer

After three years of public welfare, Li Xiuhua has experienced many painful moments of poverty, disability and illness, but at the same time, she has witnessed many happy times full of warmth and sunshine. She said that the most worrying thing was the innocent left behind children. Every year, children’s Day is organized by the association to celebrate the 61 left behind children activities. The children are sent to the city to take 3D, 4D movies, visit Anhui folk culture village, twelve lunar new year paradise, polar ocean world, etc., so that you can enjoy the happy holiday. Knowing that there are few opportunities for children to have fun like this, Li Xiuhua accompanied them attentively during the whole day. At parting, a boy said to her, “I’ve never been to the playground before. I’m very happy to be here today. With your company, I’m no longer alone. After that, you will be my loving mother. ” Pay no return, but this sincere words, is the best feedback.

Li Xiuhua said: I am not highly educated and have no good economic strength, but I have hands, time and energy, so I try my best to contribute. She also subsidized two students with difficulties for three years in a row, paying their tuition every year. “I didn’t give them too much, I did too little. But I’m not rich, but I can fund a child by buying less clothes and less cosmetics. It’s worth it. I hope they can have a fair chance to go to school as fair as everyone else, and be useful to the society in the future. ” She got up and added some hot water for me. After a pause, she said, “in fact, I have a selfish intention. Every time I do an activity, I will send the photo to my circle of friends. I always try my best to make up a few words to match it. I hope my son can see the positive energy of his mother, and I hope that his words and deeds can give him more courage and encouragement.” At this point, she was smiling, her eyes floating a little tears.

At the end of the one hour interview, there was a brief silence. Taking advantage of this gap, I looked around her office: clean and warm, a bunch of small flowers and a few pots of green plants brought vitality here, just like her people, warm and clear. Everyone has a heart of kindness and benevolence, but public welfare is not a momentary kindness and enthusiasm, it is not a dragonfly hand to give, it needs to be consistent and selfless. It seems that I finally understand that “the old and the old, the young and the young”, her love for her son, into a cumulative action, little by little to those in need of love in the world.


Author: Zifeng Tan of  Rely

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