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Growing up in the influence of revolutionary films

Red movies light up the road of life Since I can remember, I have watched countless revolutionary movies, especially the scenes in which revolutionary soldiers bravely fought against the enemy and fought bravely to kill the enemy. Revolutionary film is like a red seed, sown in the heart of my childhood. Being an enviable revolutionary soldier has become my unswerving pursuit since I was a child. At the age of 18, I joined the army and became a revolutionary soldier….

The most beautiful love — Li Xiuhua, the most beautiful volunteer

In the activities of helping the poor in the Spring Festival, she is the intimate elder sister of the poor; in the warm sunset activities, she is a good daughter of the lonely old people; in the activity of lighting the little orange lantern, she is the loving mother of the left behind children; on the stage of the love charity performance, she is a beautiful fairy dancing In July 2017, Li Xiuhua, an employee of the storage and Transportation…


  In the reader, Dong Qing once praised life as follows: if life had color, would it look like Van Gogh’s sunflower and starry sky; if life had an attitude, would it sound like Beethoven’s pastoral and hero. The meaning of life is so colorful. But can life be so beautiful without safety? Xu is a retired chief of the safety department. He could have had a wonderful and happy retirement life, take his grandson, walk the dog, and enjoy…

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