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Thank you for your trust in the products of Tongling Rely Technology Co., Ltd. We will continue to provide comprehensive, high-quality pre-sale and after-sales service for the general new old customers. You are welcome to contact us and look forward to working with you.


New product trial:

Our company can provide free sample testing and technical guidance for related products according to customer requirements. You can inquiry related information on the product introduction page, or call the customer service hotline (86) 0562-3867641 to inquire about product prices and related content.


Order form:
We suggest that you take the order form. You can fax your order directly to our company or we can make the order for you. You can sign it back and fax it to us.


After confirming the order, the long-distance transportation is generally decided by the customer to bear the corresponding transportation costs or by the two parties through consultation in advance.


Technical services:
When you buy our products, you also have the leading technology and comprehensive technical support. We will strengthen communication with customers through regular technical seminars and other means by technical personnel, and we can also appoint special personnel to follow up and test new products during trial. If there are problems in the use of products, technicians can help to solve them at any time, and can also change products according to specific circumstances. At the same time, we will always help customers monitor the use of the situation, the comments and problems reflected to the company to strive for the solution as soon as possible.

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